With longer days, plenty of sunlight, and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder summer is such a busy season for photographers! Regardless of what you’re shooting, here are four tips that will elevate every shot and help you stay organized.

Tip #1: Always shoot in the RAW.

RAW files (also known as “digital negatives”) are lossless, meaning what’s captured in the file is uncompressed. These photos are higher quality than JPEGs, and therefore have more data to work with when it’s time to make edits post-shoot. For instance, one of the biggest benefits of shooting RAW is the ability to edit exposure (whether it’s underexposed or overexposed) without reducing the quality of the photo. Ultimately, shooting RAW gives you more control over the final product than JPEG does.

Tip #2: Scope out the location in advance.

Understanding the layout, environment, and traffic of a location is important for any shoot! That’s why it’s important to go to the location before the day of the shoot so you can get an idea of what to expect. Is it a busy location? Does it get a lot of foot or vehicle traffic? How’s the lighting? Is it easy to get to from where you park? What’s the parking situation like? These are all logistical questions to ask yourself while at the location.

Tip #3: Plan out a shot list.

There’s nothing worse than hiring a professional photographer, only to have them stumbling over what shots to do and how to do them. Go into the photoshoot knowing what images you are trying to capture, as well as the best ways to do so. Determine a general order, what equipment is needed for each, and how to describe the pose. If possible, review this shot list with your client in advance or at the beginning of the shoot.

Tip #4: Arrive on set an hour early.

Arriving early allows you to secure your location, if it wasn’t a rented spot, and gives you plenty of time to set up equipment, adjust camera settings, and any other prep work that needs to be done before the shoot. You want to have everything ready to go by the time your client arrives so that the shoot runs as smoothly as possible.

Your T.E.A.M. Center family is your shoulder to lean on when you’re hustling between shoots, planning your shot lists, and gathering your equipment. For more support and tips like these, give us a call or stop by the studio. We’re always here to troubleshoot with our community, and help you achieve your photography goals.

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