With the popularity and rising growth of the podcast industry, standing out from the crowd is important. Make it easier with these four hacks.



Podcasting, originating from “audioblogs” in the 1980s, emerged as a platform in the early 2000s. As podcasts grew in popularity, so did the technology to support them, moving from radio shows to MP3s embedded in blogs to dedicated podcasting platforms. Today, podcasts are available to stream – in both audio and video – on multiple platforms, including a dedicated site for the podcast that has episodes, sponsorships, merchandise, and more. 

As of June 2022, there are over 2.4 million podcasts in existence, with 66 million podcast episodes available for listening. Across the world, there are 383.7 million listeners, though it is projected to be over 400 million by the end of 2022. If you ever considered starting a podcast, now is the time to do it! Whether you already have one or you are just getting started, here are four hacks that will help you gain and maintain listeners.


Hack #1: Have A Template For Episodes

It’s important to set a structure for how your podcast will run. Use this template starting in the first episode if possible! Doing so allows listeners to know what to expect and when during the episode. At the very least, go into each individual episode with an outline so that your message or story is conveyed clearly and concisely, especially if you have guests on the show.
Sample Template:
  1. Intro: Welcome listeners to the show and briefly introduce the topic, guest, etc. of the episode, opening music
  2. Topic #1: Main points and supporting points or data
  3. Transition
  4. Topic #2: Main points and supporting points or data
  5. Recap
  6. Outro: Sponsor message, thank listeners, closing music


Hack #2: Broadcast On Multiple Platforms

There are a lot of platforms out there to host your podcast. Listeners typically have a preferred platform, depending on what they subscribe to and costs of listening on a particular platform. By publishing your episodes on multiple platforms, you increase your potential reach and audience. 

The most popular platforms for podcast streaming are:

  1. Apple Podcasts (37.4% of listeners)
  2. Spotify (26.8% of listeners)
  3. Web Browsers (2.9% of listeners)
  4. Google Podcasts (2.4% of listeners)
  5. Castbox (2.0% of listeners)



Hack #3: Publish Supporting Materials Online

Similar to broadcasting on multiple platforms, consider creating a website dedicated to your podcast. Doing so allows you to publish supporting materials, as well as have a hub for your listeners. Set up a blog and publish a post each time you release a new episode, linking to the audio and providing a description of the episode. You can also post about topics related to your podcast. There’s also an opportunity to monetize your podcast by having supporting materials. Create merchandise to sell on your website, whether it’s clothing, stickers, fan art, or sponsored items.


Hack #4: Record In A Quiet Environment With Quality Equipment

Nothing’s worse than trying to listen to a podcast with poor audio quality. Staticky voices, inconsistent volumes, noise interference… Listeners will abandon episodes if the sound quality isn’t good enough. This can be remedied by recording in a quiet, controlled environment and using quality equipment.

Take our studio space for example: A sound-proofed 228 square-foot room, fully furnished, with a RODECaster Pro Integrated Podcast Production Console ACC Kit. The soundproofing is achieved using sound proof panels and carpeted floors. The room itself features LED lights, a 48-inch smart TV, table, chairs, and artistic design for your comfort and convenience during your recording session.



With the popularity and rising growth of the podcast industry, standing out from the crowd is important. Using these four hacks will help you get ahead of your competitors while providing quality episodes for your listeners. If you need a space to record, or you just want to discuss podcasting basics, reach out to us today!